Great resource for Interval Training

Sometimes I wish my ears were as good as these guys!

Sometimes I wish my ears were as good as these guys!

Today, I found a great site that students can use to make up their own individual song cue lists for interval recognition. This is a terrific resource because students find some tunes more useful than others, and it includes the more difficult ones like major and minor sevenths.

Check out the EAR MASTER and have fun creating your own list!


Music Training and the Brain

An interesting article on music practice and performance and the brain was just published today in Education Week.

“New research suggests that the complexity involved in practicing and performing music may help students’ cognitive development. Studies released last month at the Society for Neuroscience meeting here find that music training may increase the neural connections in regions of the brain associated with creativity, decisionmaking, and complex memory, and they may improve a student’s ability to process conflicting information from many senses at once.”

Click HERE to read the full article


Music Lessons and Healthy Aging

Here is another interesting article on long term benefits of music lessons.

I am a great example of a student who took music lessons through to the end of high school and than took a long hiatus. I returned to playing and studying when my own children started lessons and that led to a wonderful second career in teaching. In many ways, I wish I’d taken that path straight from high school, but it’s never too late!


Upcoming Recitals

There are some exciting events coming up, so be sure to mark your calendars.

November 17-23 is ORMTA‘s Canada Music Week. The Peterborough Branch is celebrating with a recital November 24, 2013, St. Luke’s Anglican, 3:00 pm. There will be duets and solo performances as well as the annual scholarship awards presentation.

Friday, December 6, 2013 is our Studio Recital, also at St. Luke’s Anglican, 6:45 pm. Students who normally have Friday lessons will be offered an alternative date. Beginning this week, I’ll be talking to students about what they would like to play in December.

Koerner Hall, Telus Centre for Performance and Learning

February 14th, 2014 is the date of the ORMTA Field Trip to a concert at Koerner Hall with the Royal Conservatory Orchestra conducted by Johannes Debus. Last year’s trip was a great success and sold out. Details are in an upcoming post.

March 1st, 2014 students will have the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with local composer, musician and clinician, Sheila Tyrell. This is designed to give participants an opportunity to perform pieces they are preparing for exams or festival and to enhance and develop their performance artistically and with confidence.