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Piano Teacher

Karen Lander

I love working with students one-on-one to discover the joy of making music and playing the piano. Music lessons open up so many possibilities. We can discover patterns, solve puzzles, tell a story or make one up, create a mood and express our feelings. Learning music gives us the opportunity to tackle new challenges creatively, to become confident, flexible and independent learners. The possibilities are endless.

What Works Best for You?

Hybrid Lessons

Do you want to meet in person but not every week? I teach from my home studio near Peterborough, Ontario. We can effectively combine the best of in-person and remote lessons, with a schedule designed to meet the needs of each student.

Learning Remotely

Do you want to learn from the comfort of your own home? Through video conferencing and internet midi technology, I offer personalized and engaging lessons. Video, audio and written records shared through Evernote create a rich practice resource for each student.

RCM Program

Are you looking for a fully certified RCM teacher to help meet your goals? This comprehensive program of musical study and assessment offers an internationally renowned standard of musical achievement with an effectively sequenced program of study.

Your Musical Journey Begins

You are here, so I am pretty sure that just like me, you have a desire to keep learning and to get better at things you find meaningful and enjoy doing.

Learning to play the piano is an endless source of pleasure with lots of challenges along the way and a lifetime of reward.

Follow your own path