The Environment


“Rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbour–such is my idea of happiness.” Leo Tolstoy
I have always loved the outdoors which is why we settled in this beautiful part of the world over twenty years ago. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian designs we designed and built our dream home here on the Indian River near Warsaw. Nestled in a small clearing, it is a truly beautiful and inspirational place to live and work and make music. Well worth the trip!

This room is a refuge for me to practice and work. I look forward to welcoming students into this place. It is a warm and welcoming retreat where we can become absorbed in lessons and making music.

When students are practicing at home, we want to help them also create a quiet welcoming place where they look forward to spending time practicing.

The Pianos


Built in 1927, this Mason & Hamlin grand is a unique and richly rewarding instrument to play. Built in the golden era of American piano construction, these instruments are known for exceptional structural strength and a full rich sound. They are the perfect example of the piano maker’s art.

“Consequently, a seventy-five year-old Mason & Hamlin often sounds better than…other higher priced new pianos.” | The Mason & Hamlin website.

It has been in my studio since July 16, 1999. Rebuilt by Y.C. Chau & Sons, it was our ten year old daughter’s piano teacher who heard it was for sale. We travelled to Toronto to play it and compare other used grands for sale, but there was not doubt this was destined to be mine.

Kawai Aures

The Kawai Aures is the newest addition to my piano studio. A state of the art hybrid piano, the Aures is an acoustic instrument with a warm natural voice. It incorporates an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components. Completely manufactured in Japan, this instrument features ABS carbon action parts which deliver greater power, improved control and unparalleled speed.

I am excited to explore what this instrument can offer students in studio, and through remote lessons using Internet Midi.

Teaching with two instruments lets me work with students in-studio safely, each of us with our own piano, and allows students to explore what two very different instruments have to offer.