Policy and process


Lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the year. These may be conducted in-person or remotely and will be supplemented with asynchronous teaching and practice resources such as audio and video. When you register for lessons, there will be opportunity to choose preferences for meeting.

If you are a new student, please contact me at klander@nexicom.net or 705-868-1070 to set up an interview. Once a student is accepted into the studio, a non-refundable registration deposit is required to secure the lesson time.

Lessons for RCM Levels 2-5 are 45 minutes. Lessons for RCM Levels 6 and up are one hour. All other lessons are 30 minutes unless arranged otherwise.

My teaching year spans 52 weeks, commencing September 1. The tuition structure provides for 33 weeks of regularly scheduled lessons, 10 weeks scheduled Studio Break, and 9 Flex Weeks. Regularly scheduled lessons will occur September through June and there will be a revised schedule throughout the summer to accommodate flex week scheduling.

Flex weeks are used at the discretion of student families during the regularly scheduled lesson time to  accommodate family holidays or special events, for example. I teach throughout the summer and so flex week scheduling extends into July and August. Of the nine flex weeks, one is reserved by the teacher in the event of illness, otherwise will be at the discretion of the student family.


Teaching is my full-time profession. The annual tuition covers contact time with the student and time outside of lessons planning, corresponding with parents and students, researching and purchasing teaching materials, attending professional development events, marking theory and participating in the music education community.

Payment for the annual tuition can be made in 12 or 4 equal instalments and must be made by post-dated cheque. Some families prefer to remit using e-transfer, which is acceptable provided that payments are regularly made on the 1st of the month. 

Missed Lessons

It is not my responsibility to accommodate missed scheduled lessons. Flex weeks allow families to anticipate and plan for missed lesson time, however, in the event of an unscheduled cancellation or no-show, that week will be accounted for with student Flex time. Participating in music lessons is just like involvement on a team. We are all dependent upon one another to make the scheduling work.


If a student chooses to withdraw from lessons during the year, I require four weeks’ notice or payment in lieu.

Working Together

Expectations and Goals

What to Expect from Me.

Create a creative, positive and rewarding learning environment.
Help set goals and provide a variety of resources.
Develop a plan for the year to accomplish the student’s goals.
Offer constructive feedback during lessons and provide practice strategies.
Make performance opportunities available.
Communicate regularly with students and parents.

Instruments and technology.

Acoustic pianos. These require regular tuning so that the student can truly enjoy the music they play.
Digital pianos with a full keyboard, weighted keys and sustain pedal.
Internet midi software (one time purchase) to effect communication between my digital Kawaii and student instruments.
Zoom video conferencing, Evernote for lesson notes and all resources.

What I Expect from Students.

Help set goals and share your music interests.
Practice thoughtfully and regularly as assigned.
Follow the practice plan and strategies I provide each week.
Listen to yourself while you practice.
Participate in studio recitals.
Feel free to ask questions or for more explanation.
Be engaged in our work during the lessons.

How Parents Can Help

Provide the best instrument you can afford and keep it regularly maintained and tuned.
Provide a quiet uninterrupted time and space for regular practice.
Value practice time.
Review and support practice plan.
Attend or sit in on lessons from time to time. Parents are always welcome.
Refrain from scheduling other activities during lesson or practice times